The New Origins Medicine Team!

I have been serving the healthcare needs of the SF Bay Area for 18 years now, utilizing both acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as well as Functional medicine.  Both Chinese medicine and Functional medicine are rooted in healthy lifestyle and the correction of health imbalances before the presence of disease.  Both systems of medicine also provide strong therapeutic tools to heal us when disease has occurred.  Over the last several years I have had the privilege of working with patients all around the country (and the world) using the cutting edge lab testing and latest Functional medicine protocols as taught to me by my mentor, Dr. Dan Kalish.  By working with these patients I have seen a ripple effect of wellness spread through many of their families and friends as those around them adopt healthy lifestyle practices.  It is with this mission of empowering individuals and communities to regain their health and happiness through combining the latest in Conventional and Functional medicine protocols with the wisdom of thousands of years of Chinese medical knowledge that I am proud and excited to announce my new partners in Origins Medicine.  Our team now includes:


Duncan Macdonald, L.Ac.-


Harry McIlroy, MD –


Jonah Larkin, L.Ac. –


It is through the combined knowledge and experience of this team that we bring the unique synergy of conventional medical care, Functional medicine, and Chinese medicine.


In keeping with our mission to educate our patients about health and disease prevention I am proud to announce two new free and ongoing offerings.


The first will be our Origins Medicine newsletter.  The purpose of this newsletter is to educate.  You can think of it as an ongoing class on improving your health and wellness.  It will provide relevant and actionable information that you can use immediately to feel more engaged and healthy in your day to day life.  With our combined medical knowledge we will dive deep into the trenches of the convoluted world of medical research to give you an informative summary of the latest medical studies and how they apply to your lifestyle practices.  We will hone in on common health issues and provide tools and  information that you and your loved ones can use right now as your first line of treatment.  This newsletter is meant to be an empowerment tool and not spam.  You can read it carefully and follow along directly with us as we engage these topics or glance at it briefly to see if anything is relevant.  You can also completely ignore it or unsubscribe.  You won’t hurt our feelings!  The most powerful modality across all medical philosophies is lifestyle change and that change is rooted in knowledge.  We want to create the biggest change possible in the health of those around us by providing this knowledge!  So, just sign up at the bottom of my homepage to receive the newsletter.


Secondly, we are going to be conducting monthly community events that delve deep into the health issues that concern you most.  This is meant to be an interactive seminar where you can get all of your questions regarding pressing health conditions answered from the perspective of the multiple medical modalities we employ.  Space will be limited for these events and we encourage you to share the invitation  with anyone in your life that would find it relevant.  We will be rebroadcasting these events on the Origins Medicine website, but nothing can replace valuable face to face time where we can speak directly to your health concerns.  Our first community event will be on the subject of autoimmunity, its role in chronic disease, and what steps you can take right now to normalize your body’s immune response and cool the fires of inflammation.  Here’s a link to our event!

As the newly formed Origins Medicine team the three of us are extremely excited to work with all of you to meet your health goals, identify and correct the root cause of ongoing health concerns, and empower you to live more healthy and happy lives. We look forward to sharing our expertise and unique synergy of conventional medicine, Functional medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine through our educational tools and lectures and one on one with you through telemedicine or at our clinic locations.

Phone: (415) 902-0771