Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a scientific approach of using thorough history and the latest in laboratory testing to assess the functional ability of the three major body systems, the neuroendocrine function, digestion, and the detox pathways. Once the origin of disease is identified medical grade supplements and lifestyle change are used to correct disease and permanently restore health and vitality.

The system of Functional Medicine I practice here at Origins Medicine is the Kalish Method, as taught to me personally by my mentor, Dr. Dan Kalish. Dr. Kalish is the leader in Functional Medicine education has has taught many of the top practitioners in the country, including those pioneering Functional Medicine in major healthcare settings. Because Functional Medicine allows for a personalized health plan to be created based on your lab findings and history it is the perfect system for restoring health, vitality, and focus to those who are too busy or unable to make frequent office visits.

So, whether you are looking to increase your energy and deepen your connection to life, get that athletic edge and improve body composition, increase mental focus and job performance, or just lead a happier healthier life, Functional Medicine is for you. Call or book online today to schedule an initial appointment or a free 15 minute phone consultation and start the journey to a healthy and fulfilled future.

Functional Medicine Testing

I’d like to take a moment to explain the logic behind Functional Medicine testing.  Besides a thorough health history, which is the primary diagnostic tool for any medical system, the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine uses state of the art lab tests to examine the three major systems of the body.  You can see these systems illustrated in the diagram below.


They are the neuro-endocrine system, which includes the health of the adrenal response and HPA-Axis, thyroid function, sex hormone regulation, cellular energy production, and neurotransmitter activity, the GI system, which includes checking for the  presence of pathogens and infections, nutrient absorption, and the status of the microbiome, and the liver detox system, including the two phases of liver detox, presence of environmental toxins, chemical sensitivities, methylation, and the overall ability for the body to remove toxic load.

Now, in order to properly create a logical treatment plan these systems need to be tested and corrected in a specific order.  We always start with an adrenal function test, because the health of the body’s stress response is at the core of how well all the other systems will respond.  If the stress response is significantly disrupted then ruling out gut infections and detox issues becomes imperative.

For expediency sake I highly recommend all three tests be done at the beginning of treatment, so that a comprehensive picture of the health status is acquired.  This avoids potentially months of care addressing what was thought to be a simple stress response problem when it turns out there was actually some kind of missed infection in the body or environmental toxin or something that ends up truly being at the root of the patient’s health complaint.

Any expanded or simplified testing needs will be explained at your initial appointment so that you understand exactly why we are gathering the information that we are.

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