Start Your Detox Journey Today!

By May 20, 2017Journeys

You are interested in better health through maximizing the efficiency of your detox pathways. So what does that mean? What can you expect? We run therapeutic detox plans with every patient we work with and have seen the benefits over and over. Most people experience better energy, sharper mental clarity, reduced inflammation, clearer skin, and reduced anxiety. A therapeutic detox can be the perfect jump start to cleaner and healthier lifestyle. You will be supported over the two week process with coaching emails and videos from our medical team to help you cement new habits that will lead to a healthier life. To get started click here.

What about options for a clean detox on a food based plan? We can all do work to increase our food quality and eliminate potential inflammatory and immune provoking foods. This strategy differs from a therapeutic detox in that you are not actively ramping up the detox pathways of the liver, but are reducing the toxic burden on the body. This is typically done concurrently with a therapeutic detox and is outlined in the guidebook of the PaleoCleanse 14-Day Detox. To do it independently we recommend the Whole 30 plan outlined in the book It Starts With Food, by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.

And remember, if you are not experiencing the benefits you are looking for then we encourage you to book a consult with our medical team and get the testing necessary to move your health forward. You can get more information here.

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